Novell responds to Microsoft

Justin Findlay justin at
Tue Nov 21 15:13:11 MST 2006

On AD 2006 November 21 Tuesday 08:37:07 AM -0500, Barry Roberts wrote:
> It's his license, so he probably will (at least in the patent case,
> I'm still hopeful the DRM crap will change).

Maybe it is "his" license historically, but that's a very pessimistic
point of view for GPLv3 given the worldwide solicitation of input and
participation.  Besides, Eben Moglen would have far better claim to such
a derogatory title for GPLv3.  As far as the DRM is concerned, who is it
really that has their hands full of crap?  Those who would wish to force
it upon the world, or those who would specifically enjoin against it by
changing the language of a popular license?


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