FC6/AGP/3d is cool! PCIE?

Jeff Nyman Jeff.Nyman at caselle.com
Mon Nov 20 15:17:11 MST 2006


>Do what the man says for the radeonfb, then the xorg.conf patches. I
>have it working on my r51. I even use the native X drivers.

>Once I had those changes, the desktop effecs worked well enough to
>make me slightly seasick.

Thanks for your help. I already found a fix in the fedoraforums which
entailed adding the dri and glx modules in my xorg.conf which fedora didn't
do and adding a couple of options in the Device section and also enableing
the use of large textures in DRI. So everything as far as desktop effects is
working so I'm almost as cool as my Mac friends. :) Would you suggest still
doing the radeonfb stuff? I don't seem to be having any trouble going in and
out of suspend.

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