FC6/AGP/3d is cool! PCIE?

Jeff Nyman Jeff.Nyman at caselle.com
Mon Nov 20 07:55:38 MST 2006

I'm trying to get desktop effects working on my T-30 (radeon mobility
7500)When I enable the effects my desktop totally corrupts, looks like many
others are in my same boat looking at the forums. ATI's drivers don't
support the 7500. Worked just fine on a desktop at home with a radeon 9800
pro outta the box. (glxgears 1400) Hope they come up with a fix for my

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On 11/18/06, Barry Roberts <blr at robertsr.us> wrote:
> I just got FC6 on my old Athlon XP with a Radeon 9600.  I was a little
> surprised that the desktop effects (compiz) worked with 0 tweaking.  I
> was downright shocked when I could play ET without any stupid binary
> drivers.  It's noticably slower, but very playable.  This is awesome!

Try out Beryl compared to compiz. I think its in the extras repo.

yum install beryl


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