Java 6 and Swing on Linux

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sat Nov 18 23:14:26 MST 2006

Well I just installed FC6 and thought I may as well install the latest
JDK.  So I grabbed Java 6 beta.  Seems to work well.  I recall a while
back that it was said Swing would be sufficiently integrated with the
GTK theme engine so as to make using SWT obsolete (at least on linux).
Well I can say after just playing with the swingset demo that GTK
integration is very poor.  About 75-85% of the theming cues are properly
picked up, but other things like fonts are not at all.  So hopefully Sun
can fix this before the real release as right now swing apps look like
there are trying to imitate GTK, but not well enough to really look or
feel integrated into the GTK world.  Anyway. Just an observation.
Hopefully it will get better soon.  In the meantime, SWT's place as the
most-integrated GUI toolkit (as much as SWT sucks architecturally) is
fairly safe on Linux.


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