FC6/AGP/3d is cool! PCIE?

Barry Roberts blr at robertsr.us
Sat Nov 18 11:11:56 MST 2006

I just got FC6 on my old Athlon XP with a Radeon 9600.  I was a little
surprised that the desktop effects (compiz) worked with 0 tweaking.  I
was downright shocked when I could play ET without any stupid binary
drivers.  It's noticably slower, but very playable.  This is awesome!

The desktop effects (but not ET) even work in a xen0!  Now if I could
just get a xenu working.

I want a new PCIE card for my Athlon 64 machine.  Has anybody tried
FC6 and 3D with any ATI PCIE cards?  It's hard to tell since the docs
for xorg 7.1 say my card is 2d only, I don't know how up-to-date they

Barry Roberts

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