Flash -vs- Applets

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 15:19:40 MST 2006

On 11/16/06, Michael L Torrie <torriem at chem.byu.edu> wrote:
> Unfortunately 90% of the world is only running the ancient MS version of
> the JRE embedded in IE.  Getting Java 7 out to the world will be harder
> as it will require a download of the JRE.  Of course with IE 7 and
> Vista, there is no default JVM, so I guess you'd have to get users to
> download and install the plugin anyway.  I guess the thing about flash

Anyone who has run Windows Update since 2003-ish would not have the MS
JVM.  Sun won the lawsuit and Sun ordered that MS remove their
abomination of a JVM from all Windows computers.  So, most folks don't
have the MS JVM.  This is a "good thing" though, because when you hit
a page that needs the JVM, you'll be prompted to download the plug
that supports applets (in this case, Sun's JVM).  So, I don't know the
numbers, but I think that most people will have the Sun JVM or no JVM.

> is that it's a very simple, one-click install that's not very big,
> compared to Java with is around 10 MB I think.  That will make a
> difference as to whether users will want to wait out a plugin download
> just to view something on a site.  Studies recently showed that if a
> page takes more than 4 seconds to display, users lose interest and move
> on.

Ya, this is a huge down side.  Everyone has Flash, and if they don't,
then they'll accept the small download.  Java is a big download, if it
isn't already on their system.  Someone would really have to want to
use your applet to put up with the download time.  Java 7 will have
something called Java WE (web edition -- the name may change).  Java
WE is a subset of Java SE just for applet type use.  The download size
will be 3 ~ 5MB -- smaller than Flash anyway.  Any applet that you
vist that uses core java libraries that aren't included with Java WE
will be downloaded and cached on-demand.  Hopefully this smaller JRE
will make the Java download more palatable.


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