SCSI drives

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Thu Nov 16 15:13:19 MST 2006

We have about 50 laying here at work.  I will see what the policy is
regarding donating them.


On 11/16/06, Robert Lawrence <robertlawrence1281 at> wrote:
> Just wondering if anybody has a pair of matching SCA (80-pin) SCSI
> drives that they would be willing to donate to the UVLUG for a
> recently donated server.  The system came with two 19GB drives but one
> of them died and the replacement drive sent to us from the donor of
> the system was DOA.  (okay, not quite, but the system is only
> recognizing it every other boot which I would consider bad for a
> production server)
> To make sure it wasn't anything but the hard drives I've put in some
> old 2GB drives and they work without problems.  If I can't get a hold
> of anything larger than 2GB I may end up using that for the root
> partition and then put in an additional large IDE or SATA drive for
> ISOs and other large files.
> Since the UVLUG is officially tied to UVSC as a non-profit
> organization we can get whomever donates to us a real world tax
> deduction which is way better than brownie points or a gold star if
> you ask me.
> Robert Lawrence
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