SCSI drives

Robert Lawrence robertlawrence1281 at
Thu Nov 16 15:01:50 MST 2006

Just wondering if anybody has a pair of matching SCA (80-pin) SCSI
drives that they would be willing to donate to the UVLUG for a
recently donated server.  The system came with two 19GB drives but one
of them died and the replacement drive sent to us from the donor of
the system was DOA.  (okay, not quite, but the system is only
recognizing it every other boot which I would consider bad for a
production server)

To make sure it wasn't anything but the hard drives I've put in some
old 2GB drives and they work without problems.  If I can't get a hold
of anything larger than 2GB I may end up using that for the root
partition and then put in an additional large IDE or SATA drive for
ISOs and other large files.

Since the UVLUG is officially tied to UVSC as a non-profit
organization we can get whomever donates to us a real world tax
deduction which is way better than brownie points or a gold star if
you ask me.

Robert Lawrence

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