Flash -vs- Applets

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 10:58:27 MST 2006

On 11/16/06, Shane Hathaway <shane at hathawaymix.org> wrote:
> Even on a 2 GHz machine, every time I encounter a Java applet, the
> browser freezes for 5 seconds while it loads the JVM.  A browser crash
> often follows within minutes.  This problem is obviously not inherent to
> Java, but it is a symptom of poor integration.

What version of Java are you running?

> If I were designing the browser/applet connection, I would:
> * run a JVM in a separate process for each web site that uses an applet,
> so the browser can simply kill runaway applets;

Konqueror does it this way.

> * never block the browser from repainting, no matter the quality of the
> JVM or applet;

This is a problem with how the browser uses plugins.  I'm sure Java
could do something to offset this issue, but the real fix belongs in
the mozilla code base.  Mozilla/Firefox should look into spinning off
a thread while a plugin initializes.

> * allow applets to manipulate the DOM just like Javascript can; and

They can.  Applets can also talk directly with javascript and vice-versa.

> * cache jar files aggressively in the browser.

This is up to your browsers caching policy.  "Temporary Internet Files" in IE.

> It's not too late for such a redesign.  If it happens, people will no
> longer notice they're running Java, and Java applets will become much
> more acceptable.
> Shane

I know that Java 7 is getting a lot of Applet/JApplet attention, so
I'm sure they'll improve things beyond where they are today.  But most
of the things you're asking for are either outside of the control of
Java, or exist in the JRE today.


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