Flash -vs- Applets

Dennis Muhlestein devel at muhlesteins.com
Wed Nov 15 20:21:45 MST 2006

> > XmlHttpRequest requires you to tell it whether to be synchronous or
> > asynchronous.  This isn't new.  It does lock up the UI while it's
> > waiting though.
> >
> > Greg
> I never knew that - very cool!  I wonder if there is any other way to
> do it without locking up the UI.

I think the above first comment was meant to be read: "It does lock up
the UI if you use an XMLHttpRequest in synchronous mode".

To not lock up the GUI, just use asynchronous mode.

On another note, Google isn't using anything new for Google talk.
They use long running connections to push server events.  There are a
few ways of doing this:
 1) keep a hidden iFrame element open
 2) keep the main connection open and continue to push script elements to it.
 3) Opera has a new mechanism specifically built for server sent
events that makes the above two options more transparent
 4) .. I'm forgetting one.


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