Basic IDE - disk per channel performance

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Mon Nov 13 17:11:33 MST 2006

Jeff Schroeder wrote:
> Kenneth:
>> Have you noticed any reduced data transfer speeds using a PCI add on
>> controller card, verses using the motherboard built in controller
>> cards?
> Not at all.  In fact, I think in one of my old motherboards the built-in 
> PATA slot was slower than the new PCI card.  Thus, I didn't use the 
> onboard slot at all.
> Jeff

Is there a benefit of putting a software raid array on separate channels?

For example, I have two built in IDE controller ports, and then with the
addition of the Promise 133, I will have two more.  Will I see
significantly more performance if I setup the software raid 5 as follows:

C1 Master - OS disk
C1 Slave  - RAID disk 1
C2 Master - CD-ROM
C2 Slave  - RAID disk 2
C3 Master -
C3 Slave  - RAID disk 3
C4 Master -
C4 Slave  - RAID disk 4

Where the raid array disks are all on separate "channels" or can I stack
them as such (will be much easier to setup):

C1 Master - OS disk
C1 Slave  - CD-ROM
C2 Master - RAID disk 1
C2 Slave  - RAID disk 2
C3 Master - RAID disk 3
C3 Slave  - RAID disk 4
C4 Master -
C4 Slave  -

My assumption is that if they are on separate channels I should see a
significant performance benefit, but I am unsure.  Keep in mind that the
controllers are a built on motherboard controller (probably cheap), and
a cheap Promise 133 PCI add on card.  Has anyone done or seen some
performance tests to see if this has any noticeable performance benefits?


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