Basic IDE Controller Card - to wait, or not to wait....

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Mon Nov 13 15:32:15 MST 2006

Kenneth wrote:

> The local CompUSA has a cheap card which I can pick up tonight, but I
> am not sure it would be compatible with Linux.

Because the IDE card should really only be providing a BIOS link to your 
hard drives, I don't think you need to worry about compatibility with 
Linux or any other OS.  As long as the card provides whatever 
hardware-level magic the BIOS requires to tell the kernel about the 
drive, you should be fine.

That's not very helpful, I know. :)  But I can tell you that I've used 
Promise Ultra133 ATA PCI cards in several Linux servers without 
problems.  They weren't the exact model you're showing here (for 
example, they didn't include hardware RAID).  But they came up in the 
kernel as /dev/hdk and so forth.

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