Basic IDE Controller Card - to wait, or not to wait....

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Mon Nov 13 15:25:58 MST 2006

I ran out of IDE connectors for my home file server, and I need a few
more (4 to be exact).  I don't need anything fancy, just something that
will support 250GB PATA/IDE hard disks, run at least at ATA/100 speeds,
and will run under Fedora Core 5 (with linux software raid, and LVM).

The local CompUSA has a cheap card which I can pick up tonight, but I am
not sure it would be compatible with Linux.

CompUSA PCI ATA 133 RAID Card - $30

NewEgg has a slightly more expensive card, but I would have to wait till
the end of the week for it to arrive.

PROMISE ULTRA133 TX2 PCI IDE 66M PCI Controller Card - OEM - $37

I will not be using the cards built in RAID, I will be using Linux's
software raid and LVM.  I would prefer to just pick up the card tonight
so my first choice would be the first card, but I am worried about the
Linux support.  I do have 8 free SATA ports, but I would really like to
use the 250GB PATA/IDE drives, so the other option I looked at was the
IDE to SATA adapter, but something seemed fishy when they said it
supports 100, 133 and 150Mbps transfers, but only support UDMA 0 to 4. 
Unless I am mistaken, isn't UDMA 5 = 100MBps, UDMA 6 = 133MBps?

SYBA SY-JM-SIDE SATA/IDE Adapter, Connect IDE Devices to SATA Port on
Motherboard - Retail - $10



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