Official announcement of Java and the GPL

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Mon Nov 13 12:27:12 MST 2006

On 11/13/06, Mark Higbee <mark at> wrote:
> If sun was smart they would create a CPAN for JAVA.
> Or they could just drop JAVA for PERL.  (  just kidding :) )
> CPAN rules !
> Mark

JSR-277 is the answer.

The Java Module System described by the JSR doesn't actually create a
CPAN style repository, but it makes it very easy for such a repository
to be created and used.  Sun (anyone really -- JPackage?) will likely
create a huge CPAN-style repo for all Java libraries (official and 3rd

This JSR will allow me to say things like, "I need hibernate version
1.2.3 and JSch version 4.5.6"  The JVM will download and cache those
modules and use them for that app.  I can have multiple versions of
the same library on my system and the right version will be used for
the right app based on how they ask for libraries.  This system will
also allow the official JRE download to be very, very, small (~5MB),
and have all other libraries downloaded as needed.  This will be
released with Java 7.


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