Official announcement of Java and the GPL

Mark Higbee mark at
Mon Nov 13 12:15:29 MST 2006

If sun was smart they would create a CPAN for JAVA.

Or they could just drop JAVA for PERL.  (  just kidding :) )

CPAN rules !


Michael Torrie wrote:
> At the risk of re-opening an old thread that I am guilty of prolonging,
> details of the Java GPL release are trickling out.  Looks like the
> runtime libraries themselves will be GPL with a special linking
> exception (similar to GLIBC).  Sun will retain the copyright (of
> course), and ask that any contributions to Java turn over the copyright,
> allowing Java to be dual-licensed.  This way companies that want to
> license the Sun source code can do so without having to make their own
> code GPL.  This is a win-win for Sun.  They can continue to cultivate
> commercial contracts and associations while giving Java a life of its
> own under the GPL.  Also we can immediately see projects like the GNU
> CLasspath merging Java code into their own code bases, producing a
> completely compatible, completely free version of Java, or else just
> disappearing entirely (since the real classpath is now completely free
> in every way).  Not to mention we'll see immediate porting of Java to
> all the Linux platforms that currently do not support it (although
> porting a JIT takes a lot of work).
> This is indeed great news and makes RedHat very very happy, as they have
> started to embrace Java, with the GNU gcj and classpath system.  I also
> note that RedHat's lawyers are still okay with them distributing Mono in
> Fedora Core (only a few gnome apps are C#, and they aren't core), as
> they believe that MS's patents largely do not cover the parts of the
> EMCA standard that gnome apps use (IE they don't use, etc).
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