Official announcement of Java and the GPL

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Mon Nov 13 12:12:17 MST 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 11:56 -0700, Bryan Sant wrote:
> It's a shame that there is legal concern around mono's Microsoft
> compatible stack.  I saw the release notes about Mono 2.0 -- pretty
> sweet.  WinForm support seems like a "killer app".  How sweet would
> that be to have nearly every WinForms app developed for Windows
> runnable on Linux.  That would be huge.  Sadly there is the legal
> concern that MS will sue you blind if you do so.  Hopefully, someone
> will make a WinForms compatible API for Java (something that would
> wrap Swing or SWT or both).  Maybe I'll do that :-).

I'm sure a similar API could be developed.  But there's one big feature
lacking in Java that would make a straight API port difficult:
delegates.  WinForms and every other GUI toolkit I've seen on c# relies
heavily on them for event handling.  The Java api would need a ton of
listener classes, like what Java-Gnome does.  Works but could not be a
straight port; some assembly would be required.

> -Bryan
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