HOWTO flash DVD drive firmware

Joe Crown joecr at
Sat Nov 11 23:34:44 MST 2006

I forgot to mention if you need to make a boot CD here are some directions.

Just trying to be as helpful as I can.

Joe Crown wrote:
> The answer is it depends on what DVD drive you have.  I've seen firmware 
> where you had to boot to DOS & others that could be installed in 
> Windows.  I haven't ever tried in Linux though.  Once again without 
> knowing what specific model of DVD drive you have I can't really help you.
> Justin Findlay wrote:
>> How can I update the firmware on my DVD drive without having to succumb
>> to DOS and a floppy disk?  I'm willing to use freedos if I have to but
>> I'd rather not have to reboot.
>> Justin


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