Teaching programming concepts to kids

Gary Thornock gthornock at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 11 10:41:20 MST 2006

--- "Dr. Scott S. Jones" <scott at fyrenice.com> wrote:
> I have 3 boys, ages 10, 8 and 6. I'd love to find something
> that would 1) teach them how to touch-type, and 2) introduce
> them to programming

That raises another question: What's a good age to start?  I'm
fairly sure that it would be too early if I tried to teach
programming to my 4-year-old.  (If nothing else, she needs to be
able to read, spell and do simple addition first.)

Dave mentioned that he started programming in high school.  So
did my wife.  I started at about 7 or 8.  So maybe there's not
a single right time.  But if not, what's the minimum, and how
do you tell when a child is ready to enjoy learning simple

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