CHMOD Big Oops!

Erin Sharmahd erins at
Fri Nov 10 21:36:48 MST 2006

> Once (on a work machine) I had messed up the ownership of my home  
> directory, so I did
> [ross at localhost ~]# chown ross.ross -R *
> which successfully gave me back ownership of all files in my home  
> directory ... except for any dot-files. Oops! So I then did:
> [ross at localhost ~]# chown ross.ross -R .*
> Little did I realize that .* matches not only the normal dot-files, but  
> also "." and, more importantly, "..". Oops. Technically * matches .. too,  
> but I believe the shell zaps .. on a normal *, but doesn't for a ".*".  
> Live and learn, I guess!
> 	~ Ross

and that was with bash, i'm guessing.  supposedly zsh is much better
behaved in this instance, but i haven't actually tested it...  at least
it wasn't 'rm -rf .*'



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