Advice for a noob Java Developer?

Alex Esplin alex.esplin at
Thu Nov 9 11:52:24 MST 2006

On 11/9/06, Steve <smorrey at> wrote:
> #1 A Good Book, I'ld really like to find a good book targeted towards
> someone learning Java for someone who is already pretty good in C/C++,
>  my time is severely constrained I don't really have the time or
> resources to spend on either a high level Java book for an experienced
> Java developer, or a Java for Dummies type book, that wants to teach
> me from scratch how to program.  I feel at present my biggest
> weaknesses are not in the "code from scratch" dept, but in the re-use
> dept.  i.e. How can I leverage exisiting libraries to speed my
> development cycle.  I'm not sure I can explain that requirement, but
> suffice it to say that other than the standard Java libraries "Swing
> etc", I cannot seem to get regularly available libraries such as
> JavaSVN into my code.

The "*** in a Nutshell" O'Reilly books are awesome.  I have no
particular experience with the Java one, but I have found the Python
and C Nutshell books to be _extremely_ helpful

> #2 A nice IDE, since my time using Java several years ago a plethora
> IDE's for Java have emerged.  NetBeans, Eclipse, JBuilder etc and
> blah.  I've been using NetBeans now for a couple of weeks, but I
> really feel I've out grown it.  My major specific gripe is that if you
> use the visual editor to create your GUI, you cannot modify certain
> sections of code directly and instead have to use the visual editor to
> edit them, or leave the IDE make my edits in a standard text editor
> and then reload.  Which seems to me to be an unnessacry PITA.
> I'ld just like some advice on what IDE you use for Java development
> and why you like it vs others you may have tried.

I have yet to find an IDE that I like better than Vim, despite the
lack of a general project overview in Vim.  It looks like XCode just
might do it, but that is Mac only.  A lot of my fellow students swear
by Eclipse, so you might give that a try.

Alex Esplin

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