Advice for a noob Java Developer?

Steve smorrey at
Thu Nov 9 09:40:19 MST 2006

Hey there everyone,
Decided recently it was time to try and pickup Java again as a
language since it makes the most sense for a project I've been hired
to do.
As a language I'm fairly surprised how low the learning curve was to
pick it back up again, considering I haven't touched it since
At this time I'm looking for advice on 2 things to speed up my
learning curve even further.

#1 A Good Book, I'ld really like to find a good book targeted towards
someone learning Java for someone who is already pretty good in C/C++,
 my time is severely constrained I don't really have the time or
resources to spend on either a high level Java book for an experienced
Java developer, or a Java for Dummies type book, that wants to teach
me from scratch how to program.  I feel at present my biggest
weaknesses are not in the "code from scratch" dept, but in the re-use
dept.  i.e. How can I leverage exisiting libraries to speed my
development cycle.  I'm not sure I can explain that requirement, but
suffice it to say that other than the standard Java libraries "Swing
etc", I cannot seem to get regularly available libraries such as
JavaSVN into my code.

#2 A nice IDE, since my time using Java several years ago a plethora
IDE's for Java have emerged.  NetBeans, Eclipse, JBuilder etc and
blah.  I've been using NetBeans now for a couple of weeks, but I
really feel I've out grown it.  My major specific gripe is that if you
use the visual editor to create your GUI, you cannot modify certain
sections of code directly and instead have to use the visual editor to
edit them, or leave the IDE make my edits in a standard text editor
and then reload.  Which seems to me to be an unnessacry PITA.
I'ld just like some advice on what IDE you use for Java development
and why you like it vs others you may have tried.

Ok well thats about it, thanks for taking the time to read this.
Thanks in advance for the replies!

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