Postgres vs. MSSQL

Steve Dibb steve at
Wed Nov 8 16:30:12 MST 2006

Jonathan Ellis wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Nov 2006 11:07:50 -0700, "Daniel C." <dcrookston at>
> said:
>> I'd recommend using MySQL for your first database.
> I wouldn't.  MySQL is still full of non-standard weirdisms, and a lot of
> the examples you find on the web are by people who really have no
> business touching a database.
> PostgreSQL _used_ to be more complicated to set up and install...  back
> in the 6.x days circa 1999.  Now there is even a friendly windows
> installer, and autovacuum Just Works.
> PostgreSQL is easy enough for beginners, and powerful enough that you
> won't have to switch databases when your needs grow.

In addition to all that, you'll thank yourself down the road later when 
you learned how to use ANSI SQL instead of foo-databases-quirk-modes.  
Granted, postgres has some *additional* features that other databases 
don't (they all do), but at least you'll feel at home if you work with 
another ANSI SQL compatible database (like SQLite).

And stay away from T-SQL.  No OFFSET support is one of many annoyances.  


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