Postgres vs. MSSQL

Daniel C. dcrookston at
Wed Nov 8 11:07:50 MST 2006

On 11/8/06, Dr. Scott S. Jones <scott at> wrote:
> As a database newbie, I am curious which to use. I want to set up a customer
> database for my wife's company. The db will store customer demographic
> information, to be used for contacting them, but also to tie into order
> fulfillment and other areas as we grow.
> I have used SugarCRM, to some extent. I know I need to upgrade my current
> Sugar installation...Should I just go with it, instead of trying to build
> something from scratch for MySQL or PG?
> Scott

I'd recommend using MySQL for your first database.  Just keep in mind
as you learn more and more that MySQL is not meant to be the be-all
and end-all of databases.  It has it's place, and others have theirs.
MySQL is screaming fast and easy to learn, and 5.0 has fixed a lot of
the complaints people had about lack of features.  Sasha Pachev
literally wrote the book on MySQL, poke him if he's listening.

Postgres is more feature rich than MySQL, not as fast, and is more
complex.  It's probably got more stuff than you need for now.


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