Postgres vs. MSSQL

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at
Wed Nov 8 10:57:53 MST 2006

> > At work here we're looking at whether to adopt Postgres or stay with
> > MS SQL.  We've already got MS SQL working and all that, so switching
> > would mean throwing out our licenses with MS and porting the DBs (more
> > than one) over.  On the other hand, we're looking at growing soon, and
> > I'm worried that MS won't scale very well.  (Plus I like Postgres
> > better.  But our DBA likes MS SQL better.)
> Clearly your company's decision will not be made on technical grounds.

As a database newbie, I am curious which to use. I want to set up a customer
database for my wife's company. The db will store customer demographic
information, to be used for contacting them, but also to tie into order
fulfillment and other areas as we grow. 

I have used SugarCRM, to some extent. I know I need to upgrade my current
Sugar installation...Should I just go with it, instead of trying to build
something from scratch for MySQL or PG? 


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