Postgres vs. MSSQL

Jonathan Ellis jonathan at
Wed Nov 8 10:26:41 MST 2006

On Wed, 8 Nov 2006 09:58:35 -0700, "Daniel C." <dcrookston at>
> At work here we're looking at whether to adopt Postgres or stay with
> MS SQL.  We've already got MS SQL working and all that, so switching
> would mean throwing out our licenses with MS and porting the DBs (more
> than one) over.  On the other hand, we're looking at growing soon, and
> I'm worried that MS won't scale very well.  (Plus I like Postgres
> better.  But our DBA likes MS SQL better.)

That could mean anything from "Our DBA has looked into things and knows
X and Y would be hellish to port" to "he's just scared of something

> I'm also going to recommend moving to Django from PHP, which would
> make Postgres the natural option.
> Anyone have a perspective on this they could share?  Things I need to
> consider?  Potential arguments for both sides of the issue?

There's essentially no reason to use MS SQL over PostgreSQL from a
feature or performance standpoint.

>From a business standpoint,

- what version of MSSQL are you on?  if you're looking at paying for
upgrades, moving to PG instead makes sense
- how invested are you in TSQL or other stuff that's a PITA to port?  if
there's a lot, one option would be to say with MSSQL for your old apps
and just do the new ones with PG.  (IMO this would make even more sense
if you were also moving to django for new development.  No sense
rewriting what ain't broke.  Assuming it is indeed in an unbroken
condition ATM :)
- how many developers and DBAs you'd have to retrain; if it's going to
cost more in time lost than the new MSSQL licenses would, bite the
bullet and open your wallet

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