Postgres vs. MSSQL

Alan Young alansyoungiii at
Wed Nov 8 10:25:44 MST 2006

Daniel C. wrote:
> I'm worried that MS won't scale very well.  (Plus I like Postgres
> better.  But our DBA likes MS SQL better.)

In my experience, whatever the dba wants to use, you'll end up using it.
 On the other hand, if the dba is good enough it won't really make a
difference.  Just demand that he be the one to optimize your queries
once they work.

> I'm also going to recommend moving to Django from PHP, which would
> make Postgres the natural option.

That requires a move to Python from PHP as well.  From personal
experience, moving from one language to another is very unproductive.
If you're willing or able to allocate the right amount of time
(quadruple your worst case estimate is a good starting point) you
*mihgt* be able to pull it off.

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