moving a mailserver

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Wed Nov 8 10:13:41 MST 2006

Ryan asked:

> Is anyone likely to ignore the 1800 TTL and continue sending email to
> the old ip address for longer than 30 mins? during the downtime, will
> sending email attempts fail or simply keep trying?

Unless your TTL is below 600 (ten minutes), most ISP's will honor it.  I 
think you'll be okay there.

As far as retries, yes, most mail servers will retry messages for up to 
five days.  If the first SMTP request fails, they'll try again in, say, 
ten minutes.  If that fails, they'll try again in an hour.  Then two 
hours, then eight, then a day, etc.  Different servers have different 
cycles, but you get the idea.

In short, Choice 1 is a good option.  It's also less complicated than 
Choice 2. :)

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