GPL Java

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Tue Nov 7 21:48:09 MST 2006

Sounds like Sun's implementation of Java will be released under the
GPL sometime this winter.  woot.

Java has actually been "open" for years.  You could download the
source, tinker, compile, contribute, etc.  You just couldn't release
your version into the wild, and other GPL projects couldn't pull in
code.  Once it's GPL'd, you will be able to do all that.  The GPL is a
good choice because it protects the codebase from being raided by
Microsoft and others (unless MS wants to GPL .NET :-), and it allows
open source purist distro's like Debian to ship it.

This is great news.  Expect your next releases of Red Hat, Ubuntu,
OpenSuse, and FreeBSD to have Sun's Java shipped standard.  GCJ will
soon rock with a fully implemented java class library.  Mono may be
able to benefit from the Java codebase (though if you don't run mono
on SUSE you may get sued :-).

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