OOPs I need a book

Hill, Greg grhill at corp.untd.com
Tue Nov 7 17:08:29 MST 2006

> Sorry to be pedantic, but we don't call it LISP anymore.  It was only
> ever called LISP because there weren't any lowercase characters on
> terminals when it was invented!  It's not a proper acronym, so LISP
> is just wrong.  Lisp is the way to name it.

Isn't it an acronym for List Processor (or something along those lines),
or is that some after-the-fact thing (or does that not count as an
acronym since it doesn't match a word to each letter)?  

> Anyway, it's not just from the Lisp community.  It's more generally
> from the functional programming community, and even from people in
> the Perl community like Mark Jason Dominus (who probably truly
> belongs in all three communities).  But there's still value in
> learning about patterns, because they are often elegant solutions to
> difficult design problems.

Btw, Perl is an acronym (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language),
so you should put PERL, not Perl :)


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