Working with QuickTime files in Linux

Shane Hathaway shane at
Tue Nov 7 15:32:03 MST 2006

Dave Smith wrote:
> I've got a 500MB QuickTime video that I would like to convert to DivX or
> some other video format that takes up less disk space. I also want to
> chop out some of the video at the beginning and end. The video does have
> audio. I've played with some of the utilities in libquicktime, but none
> of them seem to offer the ability to chop the video. Any ideas? Could I
> do this with mplayer? If so, how?

I think you're looking for mencoder, which is part of the mplayer
package.  Look at the examples section at the bottom of the mplayer man

> P.S. The video is an on-board camera on my R/C plane as it crashes into
> the top of a 60-foot tree and gets stuck. Pretty hilarious. :)

Will you post it online?  Sounds fun.


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