Working with QuickTime files in Linux

Dave Smith dave at
Tue Nov 7 13:11:23 MST 2006

I've got a 500MB QuickTime video that I would like to convert to DivX or 
some other video format that takes up less disk space. I also want to 
chop out some of the video at the beginning and end. The video does have 
audio. I've played with some of the utilities in libquicktime, but none 
of them seem to offer the ability to chop the video. Any ideas? Could I 
do this with mplayer? If so, how?


P.S. The video is an on-board camera on my R/C plane as it crashes into 
the top of a 60-foot tree and gets stuck. Pretty hilarious. :)

P.P.S I got the plane down after 3 days and 1 rain storm... And it and 
the camera still work.

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