OOPs I need a book

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Tue Nov 7 12:59:30 MST 2006

On Nov 7, 2006, at 7:55 AM, Jonathan Duncan wrote:

> I am finding that my OOP skillz are are not as good as they should  
> be.  In other words, I do not completely grok OOP.
> Can anyone suggest to me a programming language agnostic book on  
> OOP theory?

I would guess that Chris's suggestion is pretty good, though I  
haven't read it myself.  You will not find a completely agnostic book  
on OOP theory, though, because object oriented programming isn't  
sufficiently well-defined.  It means very different things to  
different people, and different languages have their own opinions, so  
to speak, on what OOP is.

Depending on what kind of books you like to learn from, you might  
find 'Head First Design Patterns' enlightening.  It's sort of a  
gentle introduction kind of book, with lots of goofy but stylish  
pictures and dialog and such, and I got annoyed by it after a while,  
but I actually like reading dry boring textbooks and lots of other  
people seem to love the Head First books.

The examples within are in Java, but the concepts translate fairly  
easily to C++.   Although some people are saying these days that  
design patterns are signs of language deficiency, the book is just as  
much about the design principles that motivate the design of the  
patterns as it is about patterns themselves.

Once you get your OOP skills honed, you should try mastering some  
Functional Programming skills.  It's fun, and the wave of the future! ;)


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