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Tue Nov 7 12:11:09 MST 2006

On Tue, 7 Nov 2006, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> Can anyone suggest to me a programming language agnostic book on OOP theory?

I highly recommend Bertrand Meyer's "Object Oriented Software 
Construction".  This book changed my outlook on many things related to 
programming, OOP not the least among them.

The second edition of the book is significantly expanded from the first 
edition.  I prefer the first edition (identified by the orange+white 
cover) because it seems to have a higher "information density" than the 
second edition (i.e. it seems less bloated), but you probably can't go 
wrong with either edition.

The book is "agnostic" only in the sense that it uses a language (Eiffel) 
which is sufficiently far removed from the mainstream not to be part of 
any programming language religious war.  I doubt that exposure to Eiffel 
will unfairly pollute your opinion of any other programming language. :-) 

Don't let Eiffel turn you off.  You can read it as little more than 
pseudocode and not lose out on any of the superb content of the book.


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