- October Statistics

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Tue Nov 7 09:51:22 MST 2006

On Tue, 7 Nov 2006, Ryan Simpkins wrote:

> Pretty please with sugar on top:
> The biggest driver (outside of location) to the site is our Linux companies list.
> This list isn't growing as well as I hoped. Does anyone have any ideas how we can
> boost the number of companies listed? I know there are dozens and dozens of
> companies in our state using Linux. Such a list helps us capture people interested
> in Linux locally. It also helps recruiting and strengthening Linux as a career path.
> Once we reach a certain number (30? 50?) it becomes a lot easier to approach
> companies and show them what they are missing.
> The stats:
> 14 - Total number of local companies listed.
> Most popular keyword conversion visits (search engine hits):
> 35 - "utah linux companies"
> Top Content Page Views:
> 83 - Local companies

How about if we add more qualifiers to the description of what a "Linux 
Company" is.  I work for a company that has a couple of employees who do 
their work in Linux, OS X, or FreeBSD.  Would that company count?  The 
company is rather OS agnostic.  They do not care what their employees use, 
so long as the work is getting done.


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