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Ryan Simpkins plug at
Tue Nov 7 08:25:31 MST 2006

Here are some statistics and notes regarding

Items of note:
The highest days of traffic were 10/11 (294) and 10/24 (343). Our traffic is down
over September (as was expected). Even though traffic is down it is still three
times higher than the previous design.

Visitors to our site are spending the majority of their time in our member profiles
section. I've noticed a lot of our profiles don't have a biography filled out. I'd
encourage you all to add one. It adds a lot of flavor to the group and helps the
members get to know you better. Most visitors are not clicking to individual
profiles, I am guessing that is because they don't look that interesting without a
good bio. Help the group, help the community, write a good bio. If you don't have an
account, please sign up and spend a few minutes adding to the site. There is
strength in numbers. The stronger we look the better for us all.

Pretty please with sugar on top:
The biggest driver (outside of location) to the site is our Linux companies list.
This list isn't growing as well as I hoped. Does anyone have any ideas how we can
boost the number of companies listed? I know there are dozens and dozens of
companies in our state using Linux. Such a list helps us capture people interested
in Linux locally. It also helps recruiting and strengthening Linux as a career path.
Once we reach a certain number (30? 50?) it becomes a lot easier to approach
companies and show them what they are missing.

The stats:

962 - Visits
2,887 - Page Views

25.36% - Percent of returning visitors.
62.31% - Front page bounce rate.

65% - Goal Funnel Completion Percent (went through entire sign up).
58 - Total number of active users (have logged in at least once).
14 - Total number of local companies listed.

Most popular keyword conversion visits (search engine hits):
46 - "plug"
43 - "provo linux"
35 - "utah linux companies"

Top Content Page Views:
633 - Front Page
103 - Member Profiles
83 - Local companies

Top web browsers by visit (not page view):
463 - Firefox
319 - Internet Explorer
105 - Opera

66.63% of visitors were using Windows.
26.40% of visitors were using Linux.
6.24% of visitors were using Macintosh
7.90% of visitors did not have any version of flash installed.

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