Seeking Advice: Building A Web Store From Scratch

Steve smorrey at
Mon Nov 6 15:28:56 MST 2006

Count me in when you start the user group for it, we are currently
working to migrate our entire infrastructure to it.

On 11/6/06, Al Byers <byersa at> wrote:
> Kimball,
> Haven't we been thru this before? :0)
> The OFBiz project ( is primarily a framework and
> suite of modules for the web, but it does have a POS module, as well.
> There is at least one site using it in production. It also has full
> accounting functionality. It database schema is mostly taken from Len
> Silverston's Data Model Resource Book
> (
> It is about to emerge from Apache incubation as a top level project,
> so it will have plenty of interest and enhancements over the years.
> It is quite complex (as any ERP package of any value would be), so it
> will take a long time to grasp. But I don't believe it is ever wise to
> think that you would be better off writing your own when there is a
> working app that has tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of hours of
> development, review and testing in it.
> We will be restarting the local user group by the first of next year.
> OFBiz is a local project, so there are a fair number of users in the
> area.
> -Al Byers
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