Seeking Advice: Building A Web Store From Scratch

Al Byers byersa at
Mon Nov 6 15:26:27 MST 2006


Haven't we been thru this before? :0)

The OFBiz project ( is primarily a framework and
suite of modules for the web, but it does have a POS module, as well.
There is at least one site using it in production. It also has full
accounting functionality. It database schema is mostly taken from Len
Silverston's Data Model Resource Book

It is about to emerge from Apache incubation as a top level project,
so it will have plenty of interest and enhancements over the years.

It is quite complex (as any ERP package of any value would be), so it
will take a long time to grasp. But I don't believe it is ever wise to
think that you would be better off writing your own when there is a
working app that has tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of hours of
development, review and testing in it.

We will be restarting the local user group by the first of next year.
OFBiz is a local project, so there are a fair number of users in the

-Al Byers

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