Seeking Advice: Building A Web Store From Scratch

Kimball Larsen kimball at
Mon Nov 6 11:53:29 MST 2006

So, we are beginning a redesign of our retail store software, from  
the ground up.  There are plenty of off the shelf products I can use  
for the basis of my store, but I'd rather build it all myself and  
thereby completely understand everything it does.

A visit to my local Barnes and Noble store along with a pretty good  
question answer period with Dr. Google leads me to believe that  
nobody has written a book on the best practices for building a web- 
based retail POS.  Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

Specifically, I'm looking for pointers to ensure that the system:

A)  Accurately tracks customers and their invoices
B)  Allows for our business model that centers around the concept of  
in-store credit
C)  Keeps the accountants happy. :-)

The major failing of our current incarnation of home-grown software  
is in letter C above, but it could stand to improve in A and B as well.


-- Kimball 

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