Mozy Contest Impressions

Dave Smith dave at
Mon Nov 6 11:22:36 MST 2006

I'm afraid that I am indeed a pretty poor coder. There are two things 
that I excel at though:

  1. Smiling
  2. Interviewing

It makes for a varied and interesting career in software development. :)


P.S. I hope you can see that this is tongue-in-cheek, especially if you 
interview me in the future. ;)

Zach Wily wrote:
> Looking back, I doubt that allowing people to use whatever libraries
> they wanted would have actually given anyone an unfair advantage. I'm
> sure that next time we do this, we'll revisit that requirement.
> That said, there were 3 coders in the finals that did all the early
> round problems in C++, so we know the problems weren't completely
> unreasonable, even for compiled-lang folk. In fact, of the 8
> finalists, only 2 used scripting languages, and neither was perl :).
> The rest were split pretty evenly between C++ and Java.
> And from what I've heard, you're far from a "poor coder". :)
> zach
> (programmer at bds)
> On 11/4/06, Dave Smith <dave at> wrote:
>> Just wanted to share my impressions about the Mozy coding contest. I
>> found that the majority of the questions had to do with the ability to
>> parse text and manipulate strings. Only one question had to do with
>> anything else, and it was thrown out. I can only conclude that BDS
>> thinks people who can write programs to parse text in 10 minutes or less
>> are worth a $10,000 award. I personally think the breadth of the
>> questions was lacking. Maybe phase 2 had a wider breadth of problems --
>> I didn't advance, so I don't know.
>> I personally felt limited as my strongest language (C++) lacks good text
>> processing in its standard library. Since I was not allowed to use my
>> favorite libraries (Qt has an awesome string class that would have made
>> the problems *much* easier), I was unable to complete several of the
>> problems in the alotted time.I did complete one of the problems in 2
>> minutes using Perl, while most of the others left me gasping for air
>> after 10 minutes of C/C++. Oh well. :)
>> Curious how others did, and also wondering if the $10k was awarded 
>> today.
>> Best of luck to BDS in their hunt for talent. I think we're all
>> struggling to find good developers right now.
>> --Dave
>> P.S. The reason I didn't advance, as many of you know, is that I am a
>> poor coder. Bummer for me, eh?

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