Mozy Contest Impressions

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Mon Nov 6 10:47:42 MST 2006

On 11/6/06, Nicholas Leippe <nick at> wrote:
> On Saturday 04 November 2006 20:43, Dave Smith wrote:
> > Just wanted to share my impressions about the Mozy coding contest. I
> > found that the majority of the questions had to do with the ability to
> > parse text and manipulate strings. Only one question had to do with
> > anything else, and it was thrown out. I can only conclude that BDS
> > thinks people who can write programs to parse text in 10 minutes or less
> > are worth a $10,000 award. I personally think the breadth of the
> > questions was lacking. Maybe phase 2 had a wider breadth of problems --
> > I didn't advance, so I don't know.
> I felt similarly.  I managed to finish all but one--which I was less than 30
> seconds from finishing.

I share the same sentiment, but I went in to the contest knowing that
this would be the case.  But hey, it's BDS who's giving away the $10K,
so they can make the rules.  They were clear that they were using this
contest to help them find employee candidates.  That being the case,
I'm sure they wanted developers to solve problems that *they* find to
be important.  Don't take this too far, I do think they made an effort
to make their questions generic.

If I were looking to recruit developers in a language agnostic way via
a coding contest for *my* company, I would make developers solve
problems that I find important for the products I make.

All in all, I though the contest was great.  Josh and friends did a
great job.  I can't wait until the next one :-).


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