Learn a new language, was Re: Mozy Context Impressions

Dan Stovall dbstovall at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 09:51:53 MST 2006

Thanks, to BDS for putting on this contest.  I really enjoyed
participating.  One thing it pointed out to me was areas that I have
become pretty rusty.  The second round questions were much more
difficult.  But I feel that had this contest taken place shortly after
I had graduated, or while I was in school, I wouldn't have struggled
so much in the 2nd round. I found it hard just to wrap my head around
the problem on the fibs, where I ultimately failed.  I struggled with
the math and recursion, areas I didn't have problems with in school,
but haven't used much professionally.  It helped me think of things I
should do to fine tune my skills a little more.  I came across this
the other day:

15 exercises for Learning a new Programming Language

I thought that some of these questions should probably be added to
that list.  I was wondering what sort of exercises do the pluggers do
when learning a new language, or are just trying to keep their skills

I swear Power Point is going to be the downfall of higher education in
western society.

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