Tabs vs Spaces

Levi Pearson levi at
Sat Nov 4 20:42:51 MST 2006

On Nov 4, 2006, at 7:37 PM, Steve wrote:

> Just got a bit of a critque on my coding style.
> I realize this has been debated ad-nausem, but does anyone know the
> origin of the tabs vs spaces debate?  I mean seems to me hitting TAB a
> single time is alot easier than hitting the space bar multiple times,
> but I also know there are editors that will convert tabs to spaces and
> vice versa.
> Is there maybe a standard set somewhere on this?  Was there ever a  
> standard?

There are as many standards for using tabs and spaces as there are  
standards for formatting code.  It tends to vary from project to  
project, and people get pretty religious about it.  The origin of the  
debate is probably due to the fact that not all editors use the same  
tab stop width, so code that looks nice in one person's editor will  
look different in someone else's.  There are advantages and  
disadvantages to both ways.  I don't really care about it so long as  
things are consistent throughout a project and look reasonable.  Most  
real programming editors can be configured to work either way.


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