Asking Novell what's up.

Jesse Stay jesse at
Sat Nov 4 20:00:24 MST 2006

On Nov 4, 2006, at 11:41 AM, Marc Christensen wrote:
> I have no idea what Microsoft's intentions are but they have  
> customers who want to and are running Linux.  I imagine that they  
> want to get support contracts ($$) for those customers since they  
> *will* be running Linux regardless of what Microsoft wants them to  
> run.

Might I mention that my company is one of those customers - my  
division will run Linux regardless of what Microsoft says, but we are  
less likely to move away from Microsoft entirely if Microsoft is  
willing to work with us.  If anything, we will likely buy more  
Microsoft servers now, just because we will now be able to officially  
have support for our Linux desktops and servers.  This also allows us  
to now offer one more thing to sell to our customers who want Active  
Directory integration.  Being a Fortune 50 company with thousands of  
employees throughout the world, and while I'm not the one dealing  
with these decisions (disclaimer), I'm sure our Linux situation has  
been made known to Microsoft.


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