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Fri Nov 3 14:12:34 MST 2006

While I agree completely with Joe's and Greg's statements about
stability, and how well it works, ActivePerl brings back nightmares
for me.  To me, it reminds me of a certain company in town that
decided they were too good for Linux and figured ActivePerl on Windows
would be easy enough to port to to get them out of that "evil Linux".
I was then forced to transition them from Mod_Perl/Perl on Linux to
ActivePerl/IIS/PerlISAPI on Windows.  It was such a sad transition!

I'm not sure how much longer Activestate's support for Perl will be
around though - they just denounced their support for, and I
haven't heard much about them these days.  I think the best thing they
have going for them (if you call it that) is Komodo, although I think
Eclipse is a bit superior of an IDE.

IOW, I think it's a great platform for someone who can't get on Linux,
but wants to learn and use Perl, but beyond that, I think it can turn
against the OSS community in some ways, in that it also gives
companies an excuse to transition from Linux back to Windows.  Then
again, I'm just bitter from my experience.

Just my $.02...


On 11/3/06, Joseph Hall <joseph at> wrote:
> I have come across other Perl distros for Windows, with varying
> degrees of support and stability. I even came across a distribution
> packaged with Apache the only version of mod_perl that I've ever seen
> actually work in Windows. It was stable, but the configuration was
> finicky. But the ActivePerl distro is just about as good as you can
> get in Windows, without formatting and installing a real OS.
> On 11/3/06, Hill, Greg <grhill at> wrote:
> > > I just had a quick question since there seems to be so many perl folks
> > > on the list.
> > > I just found a product called "Active Perl" and was wondering if
> > > anyone had any experience with it and if it was any good.
> > > Thanks in advance!
> >
> > It's Active State's Perl distribution.  Yes, it's just as good as the
> > original (as far as I know).  I believe it's the only Perl distro
> > available for Windows, as well.
> >
> > They used to also make PerlEx which is mod_perl for IIS.  Seemed to work
> > great, but they abandoned it because there wasn't enough market for Perl
> > on IIS, oddly enough :)
> >
> > Greg
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