$10K coding deathmatch

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Fri Nov 3 09:57:08 MST 2006

Someone wanted to see a Lisp solution.  Well, here's one:

;;;; A solution in Common Lisp to the mozy.com Deathmatch sample  

(defun split-string (string char)
   "Returns a list of substrings of string delimited by the given  
   (loop for i = 0 then (1+ j)
         as j = (position char string :start i)
         collect (subseq string i j)
         while j))

(defun check (list)
   "Given a list of strings representing integers, return t when the  
difference between every two adjacent integers has a magnitude  
greater than 0 and less than the length of the list, and nil otherwise"
   (let ((n (length list)))
     (catch 'fail
       (reduce (lambda (x y)
		(let ((diff (abs (- (parse-integer x)
				    (parse-integer y)))))
		  (unless (and (> diff 0)
			       (< diff n))
		    (throw 'fail nil))

(defun check-line (line)
   "Given a line of input, print 'match' if it matches the criteria  
of the check predicate and 'not a match' otherwise"
   (if (check (split-string line #\Space))
       (format t "match~%")
       (format t "not a match~%")))

;; Check lines until the program is terminated
(loop (check-line (read-line)))

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