Microsoft, Novell reported in Linux accord

Hill, Greg grhill at
Fri Nov 3 09:54:02 MST 2006

> Yes this is correct.  Betamax was the better format. VHS won out
> from market pushing on Sony's part.  Unlike the Betmax vs VHS issue,
> there is far more at stake here then having to buy a new machine to
> videos.  The future of our own data is at stake.

Betamax was Sony; VHS was JVC, but they allowed other companies to
license the technology.  Sony always creates some proprietary format
that, although technically superior, loses.  Anyone going to fathom a
guess at what will happen with Blu-Ray?  HD-DVD is easier, cheaper, and
has been built by collaboration between several companies whose combined
marketing power is far greater than Sony's.

VHS vs. BetaMax is kind of the opposite of Word vs. WordPerfect.  In the
VHS case, they won because they were cheaper, due to better licensing
terms getting more companies to choose VHS over BetaMax.  More companies
provide VHS, prices fall to compete with each other.  Consumers choose
cheaper solution.  This has not been the case at all with word
processors.  The expensive, proprietary solution has won because market
forces were trumped by monopolistic practices.


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