How to Organize Photo Collection with FOSS

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Thu Nov 2 15:16:15 MST 2006

On 11/2/06, Grant Robinson <santiago at> wrote:

> I always find this to be a funny statement.  Looking at the source
> code would take WAY more time then just looking at the filesystem.
> Unless you are a contributing member of the project, looking at the
> source code of just about anything can be an excercise in
> frustration.  Don't believe me?

Granted the complexity of this project is not on par with KHTML but I
honestly did the following today.

Downloaded a plugin to view multiple log files in eclipse (think tail
-f).  I did not like the way it defaulted the tab name to the
filename.  I wanted to be able to specify the tab name.  I went to the
project homepage, downloaded the source, imported into eclipse, made
my change, compiled the new plugin, tested it, and the deployed the
new plugin.

So, having the source does matter.


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