How to Organize Photo Collection with FOSS

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Thu Nov 2 14:44:55 MST 2006

> iPhoto modifies the files and hides away the data to some internal
> location (at least it used to, it may not any more).  Once you import,
> you can no longer directly access your files in the filesystem  
> (they're
> all 0 bytes).  Of course, she may have done something to cause  
> this, but
> all she knows she did was upgrade it.

iPhoto has always saved the files as standard files. It has also  
always made a copy of the file and then only saved modifications to  
the second, leaving the original pristine.

What's cool about Aperture (Apple's professional photo management  
application), is that it does not make a copy. It instead stores all  
of the edits/changes as a mathematical entry in a database, giving  
you the same safety of pristine digital negatives, but not the store  
bulk of multiple files.
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