Geotagging? (Was: How to Organize Photo Collection with FOSS)

Marc Christensen marc at
Wed Nov 1 17:04:20 MST 2006

Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> I'd like to get some opinions from everyone about how they organize their digital
> photo collections.


> Also, I'd like to attach a story to a group of pictures to sort of digitally
> scrapbook special events. I almost want a blog/gallery jammed together.

Geotagging Support

So, speaking of organizing photos with FOSS, I am wondering if any 
applications currently support use of Geotagged photos.  Geotagged 
photos contain the GPS coords for the location the photo was taken. 
Cameras such as the Nikon d200 integrate with a NMEA capable GPS to 
record the location when you take a photo.

I think it would be cool to be able to click on a link in the photo 
album/software and have it pull up a google map with the location.  Or 
be able to group photos by location groups, i.e. photos taken within a 
certain threshold distance from each other, possibly combined with a 
time-line.  So, two groups of pictures taken at the Grand Canyon for 
example, but on different trips could be viewed separately.

An example of a Geotagged photograph I took recently is here:

Once on that page, click on "photo properties" in the upper right to see 
the EXIF data, including the GPS lat and lon.

OK, Anyone know if this type of support in software yet?

Marc Christensen

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