How to Organize Photo Collection with FOSS

Steve smorrey at
Wed Nov 1 16:17:48 MST 2006

How about Picassa for Linux?

On 11/1/06, Ryan Simpkins <plug at> wrote:
> I'd like to get some opinions from everyone about how they organize their digital
> photo collections.
> Right now I am using gallery2 and I'm not happy with how I started. I have about
> 1,000 family photos spanning 4 years in there right now. I've made the mistake of
> organizing them by family member rather than by date. What I've learned is that my
> gallery visitors don't want to see them organized by person, but by event. Of
> course, recent events are the most interesting and so date organization would work
> better for me.
> Also, I'd like to attach a story to a group of pictures to sort of digitally
> scrapbook special events. I almost want a blog/gallery jammed together.
> So, since I'll pretty much have to start from scratch, what do you recommend as
> tools for the job?
> -Ryan
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